Oak Wilt
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by The Tree Wizard (Don Williams)

Some major causes of oak tree death in Central Texas are borers, drought, shallow root systems and improper
land clearing on rocky ground during construction.  Oak wilt attacks declining trees after their vascular system
has been weakened from decline.  About 95% of tree deaths begin with existing root damage, not oak wilt.

(Note:  Please read my article on “Construction Decline” for a full explanation of the factors affecting tree root

A root-damaged tree will die whether it gets oak wilt or not.  In over 34 years I have never seen oak wilt attack
a healthy tree, but only trees that are in a state of decline.  Oak wilt has destroyed entire blocks of trees in
Central Texas and your oak trees need preventive treatment.  What most do not realize is that those same trees
with oak wilt now were dying solely from moisture and nutrient deficiency for years before oak wilt appeared.  
Keeping trees healthy with Mauget trunk injections, proper trimming, and deep watering helps solve tree
problems and is your best defense against oak wilt.